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Re: [pct-l] It's attitude, not gear

Ronald Moak wrote:
> Ginny,
> I couldn't agree with you more. However, I generally find that the better I
> feel the better my attitude is.
> By the way welcome back home. Where are you hiking on the PCT next summer?

Ron - 
There are good reasons for carrying a lighter pack - there are also
sometimes good reasons for NOT going ultralite.  Tonight or tomorrow
I'll put out a post about our CDT "contract".  It's directly related to
the discussion.  
Fact is that we went places last summer that the "ultra-lite" hikers
were smart enough to NOT go. Nuff said for now.  

Bottom line is that when we got to Mexico we felt good enough that we
were talking about turning around and heading north.  That wasn't a real
option, but it led us into talking about the PCT this year as a "real"
option. How many people finish a trail wishing it were 2000+ miles
longer?  Truth is - more than a few. And more than a few are more than a
little happy that it's finished. And the only difference between the two
- is their attitude.  

Attitude, my friend, has nothing whatever to do with the weight you
carry - or what you wear on your feet. It's strictly a head (and heart)
thing.  There are those who carry 50-60# packs with attitudes that get
them to the end of the trail.  There are those who carry 10-15# packs
who don't make it.  And vice versa. We know all the variations on that
theme - and so do you. The idea that an ultralite pack or running shoes
- or any other piece of gear is essential to get someone from Campo to
Canada is utter nonsense. And yet -- we keep hearing the litany - "the
ONLY way to hike the (whatever) Trail is MY way."  


The only way to hike ANY trail is YOUR way. Because that's the only way
that'll work for YOU over the long haul. There are those who run trails
- I don't run.  There are the ultraliters - but I go where they don't
under conditions that they're not equipped to handle.  There are those
who carry HEAVY packs - but I don't consider that necessary.  When I
hike the desert, I'll probably use running shoes - but when I hike snow,
it'll be in boots.  Boots do a lot better job when you have to kick
steps across miles of snowpack.  God willing and the creek don't rise,
there won't be miles of snowpack on the PCT this year. But I won't count
on that.  

I think I answered your question, but just to be sure - we'll start at
Campo in late April with the intention of finishing at Manning Park in
time to get to the ALDHA-West Gathering.  It'll be good to meet you out

Walk softly,
Bald Eagle, AT-92
Spirit Eagle, CDT-99
Spirit Bear, PCT-00  (yeah - I'm claiming it)

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