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Re: [pct-l] Ultralight, a matter of technique?

Ultralight -
A matter of technique and I will add taste. It took me a while to warm up to
Jardin's book. I have used what I need.

I certainly would love to take along lots of gear: crampons, weather
station, curllers etc.
I am one who loves gear, talking it and buying it! And I might be taking a
lot if I hadn't other plans for my hike.

Using ultralight philosophy is going to allow me to do what has been
impossible for others: carry all necessary equipment for thru hiking and
professional photographing the trail. 13 #'s of living on my back and 11 #'s
of photo gear on my waist. I put it all on the other night and found it
pleasant. This past summer I solo hiked off-trail, cross-country in
Yellowstone with even more weight than this (including camera gear) and
managed quite well. Naaaaasty mosquitos though. (I think I inhaled a few.)

I think if I were walking the PCT this year with a external frame pack and
all of the traditional equipment along with the photo, I would seriously
doubt my success. It would be miserable at best and late finishing.

Living freely in the middle of wilderness, photographing from my tripod, and
being unburdened by weight and fatigue, for me, is a vision of peak
experience. If I could carry nothing at all, that would feel even better!

Loony Lee


> In my opinion, it's far better to carry a lot less and know how to use it,
> than to carry more and trust your equipment to makeup for your lack of
> knowledge.
> Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
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