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[pct-l] Hurray Tom, Good Job!!!

 Good Job Tom!!! Loved your post on crampon pros and cons. I couldn't say it 
better myself. I used crampons on early morning pass crossings which made 
them a cake walk. ( Sure beats postholing in midafternoon ) Here's one, what 
if the weather stays cold and icy all day? Do ultras just sit in camp and 
pray for sun?? Anyway, on the ice axe arrest topic, I use my toes , which 
helps slow your slide and have never carwheeled.  You need to stop your fall 
as soon as possible!!! The trick is do maintain an arch in your back which 
puts pressure on your toes and chest which helps dig in axe. ( much like a 
wrestler pinning an opponent ) A good ice axe arrest takes practice to find a 
position that works well for you. Be able to do the arrest from ANY falling 
position. If you cartwheel, your weight is TOO much on your toes and not 
enough on the shaft of your axe which will be diagonal across your chest. ( 
Need more back arch to keep weight on chest and point those toes to stick)    
PS     Next year some ultra should just go barefoot through the entire PCT 
snow and all!!! Just think , no socks, heavy boots, crampons and maybe even 
an at-a-boy from Jardine himself when finished.  Take ultra hiking to a new 
level, Ya!!!
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