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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #1007

Some responses and comments:

We were a week or so behind John Breen in 1998 going through the Sierras. We
had no need for crampons during any part of the journey even though the
Sierras were completely covered with snow from the 1997-98 El-nino winter. I
don't think any thru-hikers attempted Forester Pass itself instead all opted
for Ski Mountaineers Pass just to the east. Forester Pass had a huge cornice
that was all but impassable. Ski Mountaineers pass has a steep approach
especially when one nears the top of the pass. The walk down the other side
is also really steep. In all it's best to hit the major passes mid-day when
the snow is softer. We seemed to get into a rythm of one pass per day
meaning we camped low. I think this put us around 15 miles a day, sometimes
less. Again, it was not at all worth the extra weight to carry crampons. An
ice axe and reasonable light hikers will do the job, low or high tops,
people with both made it fine.

As far as shoes for the rest of the trail just wear what you know and feels
comfortable. Don't forget that you'll have plenty of opportunities to change
your outfit while you're out there for 5 months. Mail order companies like
Campmor can get new stuff to you at your next resupply spot, don't sweat it!

As far as resupply, if I had it to do again I would reduce the number of
boxes I sent to myself. Here's my list of places that I would send a box:
Warner Sp, K. Meadows, Vermillion Valley (everything is really expensive),
Tuolumne Meadows, Belden, Fish L., Shelter Cove R., Ollalie Lake, White
Pass, Skykomish and of course Stehekin. There are small stores at most all
of these places but they don't really have a wide variety of stuff.

The endless debate about where to supply in the Sierras is alive and well.
We did K. Meadows -> Independece -> VVR -> Tuolumne. The Independence exit
is way off the trail but was the most realistic for us. Our longest section
was 9 days between Independence and VVR.

Mark Dixon

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