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[pct-l] Danners , Vasque

 I've had good luck with Vasque and Danners over the years. I used a four lb. 
pair of Vasque Hiker 2's in 77 which had a stitched weld and was easy to 
resole. In last 5 years, I used the REI Mt. Hood (which is made by Danner) 
and is a light leather-nylon boot with a stitched weld and vibram sole. ( 
which is on it's second set of soles  and has 1500 miles trail behind them )  
Danner makes great boots that are light, have good support, durable and can 
be resoled pretty much anywhere. One pair will outlast 3 or more glorified 
running shoe boots. I would opt. for a all leather hiker if doing the trail 
this year that has soles which are easy to swap out. If you are a mileage 
monger, use your slippers on the flats, but go boots in the snow. Solid down 
home advise. ( Ask that dead Dr. what he thinks about being struck in the 
snow without proper gear. If he could talk he'd say learn to use and take a 
ice axe and save your running shoes for the high school track.  When falling 
into your ice axe arrest, your toes go a long ways in also stopping a slip by 
digging in. I don't see any Nikes being of much use digging in as opposed to 
a good set of real boots. )
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