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Re: [pct-l] Intro. post, 2nd ADZPCTKO, and PCTA Annual Meeting

I bought New Balance 801 trail running shoes in Lake Tahoe during my PCT
hike. They didn't last long and broke down internally as well as
delaminated. They could have been a bad batch, however, another hiker bought
them and her's delaminated as well.

I think one particular weakness in their design is the sole at the front of
the shoe. It is glued on at an angle and was the first part of the shoe to
break down--after only 2 days of wear!

I really had good luck with Merrell M2 Red Deserts. If I hiked the trail
again, I would use them again.


on 1/16/00 10:59 AM, Kate99ld@aol.com at Kate99ld@aol.com wrote:

> I took Henry Shires advice and acquired a pair of
> New Balance trail shoes for the major part of the hike and am training with
> them to get my ankles strengthened.

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