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[pct-l] Hiking pole tip replacement

Regarding how to remove tips from Leki hiking poles:

After about 1500 miles, I broke a tip off one of my
poles and found myself facing a befuddled clerk at an
outfitters along the AT.  He luckily had a set of new
tips (I think they cost somewhere between $10 - 30)
but had never had anyone come in the store needing
them.  So, we proceeded to pound, pry and nock on the
old tips to dislodge them.  No effect.  Finally, he
remembered that Leki had sent him a special device
meant just for the purpose of removing the tips.  It
was a plastic block that you place the pole through. 
A tap on the block with a hammer or on the edge of a
counter knocks the tips right off.  Apparently
placement of the force is important.  I don't know how
you would be able to place the force so exactly
without this device.  

I am now facing wanting to remove my old snow baskets
for some new ones.  Same kind of problem.  Guess I'll
search for an outfitters that can handle this.

AT '98 
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