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[pct-l] New to the List

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I've recently joined the list in anticpation of a 2000 thru-hike.  I was hoping I could get some advice on several questions:

1) What does snowfall look like so far this year and does anyone know of easy ways to keep an eye on it (i.e. on the web)?

2) My hiking partner and I are hoping to meet up with friends for one or two days at various points along the trail.  Any suggestions about the easiest places to do this? Is there a convenient location near Lake Tahoe.  

3) How much of the trail is "in-range" for cell-phones?  What % of thru-hikers carry them so that they can check in at various places close to civilization? 

4) Does anyone use iodine solution to purify water rather than tablets and, if so, what is an appropriate drops/gallon of H2O?



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