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Re: [pct-l] Trekking Poles?

I've had telescoping Leki poles (and a couple other brands when I have 
forgotten the Lekis) on a wide variety of trips over the past 5 or so 
years. Sometimes I don't tighten them as far as they should be tightened 
and the pole will collapse a little over the course of a day, but I've 
never had a catastrophic collapse. I managed to bend one once last fall 
by falling on a rock and catching the pole between two rocks and landing 
partly on it. The rocks acted like a vise and my weight came down and 
bent it slightly. I straight pole woul dhave bent too (and by tale bone 
was sore for weeks after). 

I do adjust them from time to time as the terrain changes. That can be 
very useful.

  ** Ken **

On 1/9/2000 12:53 PM Owen Kittredge owenk@quiknet.com wrote:

>Speaking of trekking pole does anyone have any information on how well the
>adjustable types holdup?  Do they break? Do they collapse at the wrong time?

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