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[pct-l] Trekking Poles vs. Ski Poles

owenk@quiknet.com writes:

<< The only draw pack
 is that my first pair was regular ski poles and I was getting wrist pains on
 extended down hills (+6 miles) so I switched to ski poles with springs in the
 grips.  I have never used the official trekking poles that can be purchased 
 the outdoor stores because I am uncomfortable with the adjustable nature of 
 poles.  To me it looks like a break waiting to happen at the wrong time.

Okay, after reading this list for the last two years I have been convinced to 
buy a pair of poles for my next hike.  I'm getting older, long back, long 
legs, worn joints.  I noticed a used ski pole rack at a ski convention that I 
went to recently and picked up a long pair (cause I'm tall) with this in 
mind.  I have heard alot about the benefit of poles.  Owen points out one 
possible drawback of the standard ski pole, has anyone else found a large 
benefit of the trekking poles over standard ski poles, or vice versa?

The ski poles cost me $10.  I find it difficult to justify the $80 - $125 
that I see trekking poles for.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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