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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #990

When I climbed St. Helens in early May (one week before the 100 person/day
limit is in force) it was $15 on the morning of the climb.  I made no
reservations.. I showed up at the store where the sell them (Jack's),
waited in line and paid that very day.  Same story the year before.  I
don't believe they took reservations..at least that time of year.  (maybe
that is how it works for the on-season time of year? I haven't tried to
summit the mt when it was on-season) 

I can't believe that they now charge a 8$ admission fee as well.  I was
just there in Oct; are they implementing that now or for the spring?  

That is so much cashola for one day.  Excuse me, I need to go throw up. 
Shame on them. 

pct-l@edina.hack.net writes:
>Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 22:34:40 -0800 
>From: "Reynolds, Tom" <reynolds@ilan.com>
>Subject: RE: [pct-l] St. Helens
>Not so. A permit is free on the day you want it. The reservation is not
>free. Personally, I happily pay to make sure I can go where I want when I
>want. Whitney == $15.00, yep and I wish it was a $$hundred$$. These are
>hikers who have no regard for the wilderness and have trashed the Mt.
>Whitney Trail. The cost to manage this trail is immense. The fact that
>is public land does not give you the right to leave your shit in plain
>If you can't bury it you ought not enter the wilderness. 

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