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Re: [nct-l] being away from the trail

I actually did send him email a while ago, and he got back to me about a
month later saying he would let me know how to help later.  He never wrote
again.  I should have been more persistent.

I will write to him again.  Thanks for the info.

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Wes Boyd wrote:

> At 02:00 PM 12/9/99 -0600, ryan patrick bowles wrote:
> >I have a request for suggestions from the people on this list.  I am now
> >living in Virginia, far away from the NCT.  I'm looking for some way to
> >participate in the development of the Trail.  Moderating this list is one
> >way I've found to help, but I'm looking for other ways.  I've come up
> >with:
> >
> >Offering to help chapters without web sites design and maintain theirs.
> >Offering to help chapters design their newsletters.
> >
> >Does anybody have other suggestions, or ways of implementing the ideas I
> >have?  I saw in the North Star that there are quite a few NCTA members
> >that don't live in trail states, so this might be a way to get them
> >involved, too.
> Actually, there are a number of things that need to be done on the primary
> NCTA website. A lot of the stuff on there is mine, but the majority of the
> nonchapter stuff is Bob Papp's, and he's got enough stuff to do on his own.
> Call him or give him an e-mail at NCTAssoc@aol.com.
> -- Wes

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