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Re: [nct-l] yikes! bikes!

At 10:48 PM 11/15/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Wes, with a friendly spirit, I have to say your experience has been much
>different than mine regarding mountain bikers.  The mountain bikers I tend
>to experience on "hiker only" trails tend to be novices...often wearing
>jeans, riding department store bikes, and lacking a helmet.  They certainly
>don't strike me as MMBA types.  And they're happy to oblige when told they
>are on a restricted trail.

Just different places and times, I guess.
>I also have yet to see MMBA publically take an agressive public position on
>free access to all trails.  Frankly, I think we stand to gain a lot by
>striking a strategic alliance with MMBA.  Two years ago I would have
>thought that idea crazy, but there are bigger interests outside of the
>outdoor recreation community that pose a greater threat.  Heck, I'd go so
>far as to suggest that the User Fee Demonstration Project is a bigger
>threat than mountain bikers to the hiker lifestyle as we know it...but
>that's a whole other discussion...

I did say some time ago, although not in print, that what we had to do with
the mountain bike problem was the same thing we had to do with the
snowmobile problem -- gut it out and wait for the problem to solve itself.
I have to say that it seems to be working to some degree. I don't hear the
yahoo stories I heard not all that long ago, and the high speed bikers seem
to be gravitating to places where they're accepted.

>I respect your opinion, Wes.  You do a lot of great things for trails in
>Michigan and nationally.  Yet in the spirit of dialogue, I find my
>experience with mountain bikes differs greatly from yours.  I
>wholeheartedly appreciate your commitment to standing up for the hiking
>community and getting things done.  On that point, I think we agree.

Like I said, I think we have had different experiences. I also have to
admit that I'm still pissed off about that backstabbing in the Manistee NF
a few years ago. I haven't been up on the trail south of Beers Road
recently, but from the photos I've seen, our predictions about this great
piece of trail having its treadway trashed are coming true. I find it
interesting that MNF managed to ban bikes from the Manistee River Trail
they built on the opposite side of the river.

-- Wes

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