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Re: [nct-l] build it right!

> >Bottom line, I think we need to have very high and uniform standards for
> >trail building.  Poorly built trail that struggles to get certified does
> >nobody any favors.  We should strive to get it right the first time.
> >
> I'm not talking about forest country trail. I'm talking about farmlands,
> where there's little if any public land, and we just don't have the
> millions of dollars and land acquisition authority needed to get the
> appropriate easements. I think in these areas, marking a temporary route on
> quiet back roads may be an
> appropriate way to do things.
I agree that marking on-road trail can make developing good off-road trail
seem less important.  I think for the NCT this should be done only when
the trail is nearing completion, or when there are two long completed
sections separated by a not-too-long uncompleted section.  This will
support the continuity of the trail (which is the goal, isn't it?).

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