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Re: [nct-l] yikes! bikes!

At 07:20 PM 11/14/99 -0500, Paul Haan wrote:
>>-- We do have a lot of mountian bike problems. Are they really that bad?
>No,  Not really.  I've never been injured or harassed by a mountain biker.

You're lucky. When I've encountered them, more often than not I get a "Get the
#$%^^&*&*() out of my way" -- in attitude, if not in words.

>But again, like horses, let's admit that they are a more intensive use and
>require more durable trail.  Here in Michigan, the Michigan Mountain Bike
>Association maintains tons of trail, and does a good job.  I'll never join
>as I'm not a mountain biker, but they do good work in my experience.

You want to run that by Bill Menke. He'll be glad to point out any number of
places where the bikes have established alternate treadways. The MMBA likes to
put up little signs saying "this trail maintained by MMBA" more than they like
to do trail maintenance, he says.

>MMBA is also smart enough to recognize that mountain bikes don't have to
>have access to every trail.  Their organizing goes a long way towards
>helping concentrate bikers in areas where hikers tend not to go.  Since I
>don't care for mountain bikers, I don't hike trails like the Pinckney loop,
>Yankee Springs, or Big M.

Boy, that's not the message that I get from them.

>>-- Where do we need to take bear precautions? Which precautions?
>Where there are bears :)

Where are they?

-- Wes

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