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Re: [nct-l] Glad someone did it

> -- We do have a lot of mountian bike problems. Are they really that bad? Is
> the treadway damage all that bad? Is this a legitimate form of outdoor
> recreation to be on a hiking trail? Is the hiker-biker interface that unsafe?
My experience is that mountain bikes tend to do damage almost exclusively
where the tread is either wet or steep, or both.  When it's wet, the bikes
tear up the ground and make it very muddy.  When it's steep, the tires
spin out and chew up the ground.  If the trail is built well, it will
usually hold up to mountain bike use, except when there has been a lot of
rain.  In wet periods, the trails should be closed to bikes.

> -- Where do we need to take bear precautions? Which precautions?
> -- Is marking a route on roads in areas of predominately private ownership
> a legitimate way of extending the trail, even on a temporary (or
> extended-temporary) basis? Should we continue with unconnected
> steppingstones of off-road trail?
> I have some opinions on all of these questions. However, for the sake of
> getting a discussion going, I may play devil's advocate.
> Does this sound like a plan to you?
> -- Wes

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