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Re: [nct-l] First law of hiking

Ryan, and others, first an intro I'm Duane McDougall a 45 year old hiker 
from Oscoda Mi. I'm also on the greatlakes hiker list so some folks know me 
from there. Now as to the NTC, of course you need advertizing. I know very 
little about it and I live and hike right here in Mi. Question: How much of 
the trail is now done ? If say the Mi portion is done and people thru-hike 
it that would get around. Look at the shore to shore of course it's closer 
to me but most hikers in this area know about it even though it's mainly a 
horse trail. And if say the UP portion is done and people thru-hike it that 
again would get publicity. I would be interested in the UP section myself , 
but I've heard that it's not marked well and easy to get lost on with all 
the snowmobile trails. All these things take time, the points you bring up 
are valid, and it sounds like you have a good start with  your organization. 
With more and more use on the most popular trails the less known trails will 
get more use, and of course more and more people are hiking now. One of my 
goals is to thru-hike a long trail when I retire. I mainly think ACT or PCT 
, but in 10yr when I retire if those trails are crowded I may instead hike 
the NTC for a less crowded experience. Forgive my rambling, I don't bring up 
much new just thought I could get some discussion going...Duane

>From: ryan patrick bowles <rpbowles@midway.uchicago.edu>
>To: nct-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [nct-l] First law of hiking
>Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 09:48:59 -0600 (CST)
>Since things are pretty slow so far, I thought I'd post a message that
>started an interesting discussion on the NCTA web page.  The first law of
>hiking is that a trail is only a trail if someone hikes on it.  The
>section that prompted this discussion is the section just west of
>Munising, Michigan, where the trail parallels a road.  This section has
>received almost no use so far, and my post was a discussion of why this is
>the case and how to solve the problem.

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