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Whoops, thought I was posting this to the list and sent it to Kelly


>The president of our chapter called me on Friday night to welcome me.  We
>talked some about how to reach people about the trail, etc.  Our club has
>sent out flyers to schools, churches, etc. trying to promote the trail and
>our club.

Personal contact seems to be the best way to build a chapter.  The events
with the best turnouts are the ones where people got that personal call.
Our chapter (W.MI) also called new members, one of which was a friend of
mine.  He really appreciated the call.

Two other thoughts:  I carry a few spare NCTA brochures in my rucksack when
hiking and pass them out to others who stop to talk along the trail.  Also,
our chapter has a LOT of senior citizen members.  I guess age and
athleticism has little to do with it.  I'd guess that most of them are
there because the love the outdoors and want to be good stewards.

What kinds of events do other chapters do that get a good response?  We did
a potluck, hike, and "solar turkey roast" that got a phenominal turnout of
50+ people.  I would have never guessed!

Paul Haan
Michigan Benchmark hiking info

"The clearest way into the Universe
is through a forest wilderness."
				-John Muir

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