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Re: [nct-l] intro

> I'm particularly interested in building the organization (How do we attract
> more new, active members?  Diverse membership?).
I feel the key to building both an organization and a trail is
advertising.  When the creation of this list was announced on an
Appalachian Trail mailing list, I received several questions as to what
the North Country Trail is.  When people well-educated in hiking and
hiking trails don't know about the NCT, how can we expect to attract
interest from a wide variety of people?

There is a trail in the county in which I grew up (Mason-Dixon Trail in
York County, PA) that is virtually unknown to the residents of the county.
This is a beautiful trail, mostly along the Susquehanna River.  It's also
used very little.  If you build it, they will not necessarily come.  You
must also make sure people know about it.  Until the overseers of the MDT
work on advertising the trail, it probably never see the use it deserves
and needs.

  I'm also interested in
> seeing the quality of trail work improved and standardized.  I grew up in
> southern NY and have been amazed at the quality of trails in that populated
> region.  I'd like to see the same for MI.
I think the quality of a trail is very well correlated with the use.  A
well-used trail is almost always well-maintained, and a well-maintained
trail is usually well-used.  Feet on a trail help keep weed growth back
and make the trail easy to follow, and use of the trail encourages the
maintainers to do better maintenance.

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