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[nct-l] intro

Anyone out there on this new list?  I just subscribed and am eager to get
the dialogue going.

By way of introduction, I am a member of the Western Michigan Chapter.  I
edit their newsletter and web page, join in with trail work, and have been
known to lead the occassional hike.  All of my NCT hikes to date have been
in MI.  Two years ago I thru-hiked the Manistee National Forest section.

I'm particularly interested in building the organization (How do we attract
more new, active members?  Diverse membership?).  I'm also interested in
seeing the quality of trail work improved and standardized.  I grew up in
southern NY and have been amazed at the quality of trails in that populated
region.  I'd like to see the same for MI.

I'll spread the word about this list on another list for hikers and
backpackers in the Great Lakes Region to see if we can't get things off to
a good start.

Paul Haan
Michigan Benchmark hiking info

"The clearest way into the Universe
is through a forest wilderness."
				-John Muir

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