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[nct-l] List Migration Notice! (Admin)

Hi All,

    Hope you're all enjoying the holidays & crazy weather...  Cabin fever
has motivated me to complete the list migration* during these snow days.
I've installed and tested new & improved hardware and software for hosting
all the backcountry.net lists, and am ready to start "the move".

So, please be aware that during the next week or so service may be a little
spotty.    I think we'll all like the new system, and hopefully enjoy some
of the benefits:

    - Web interface to manage your subscriptions
    - Digest modes for all lists
    - Preference for MIME or plaintext (even in Digest mode)...  so folks
can send attachments- and folks can opt out of receiving.
    - Real time archives
    - Vacation mode (Gone hiking mode?)
    - Better privacy control

I mention this migration now, so no one has to worry about not seeing
traffic for a few minutes, posts not going through, etc.  Also, during the
migration itself, you may see mail come in from "listname@mailman.hack.net"-
please don't be alarmed,  this is the hostname of the new machine, and it
will accept all the normal @backcountry.net addresses.   After everything is
migrated, the @backcountry.net address will be fully restored (this
information may be useful for folks using automated filters to sort their
mail).  If you want to get familiar with the new list software, see

For those of you that may have sent emails to me during the past few weeks-
I've still got them (I'm about 2300 emails behind), and will respond when I
finish this migration.  Thanks for the offers of help, and other kind notes.
In the physical world, I'm also in the middle of a move, so things are a bit
crazy here (anyone for a Wisconsin Ruck?   it's a balmy -6 deg F tonight!).

Happy Holidays,

Ryan K. Brooks
Est. 1994

* - If none of this makes sense to you, don't worry.   I'm just doing some

PS: No worries- there are no ads coming or anything changing, it's still
just me.

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