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RE: [nct-l] Trail Relocation Work Weekend

Here is my semi-informed understanding of the project that is being planned.
Please don't quote me or hold anyone to this.

I maintained this section of trail for several years before the
Tittabawassee Chapter was formed. From the first time I hiked it, this has
been a problem area.

> Tell us more about the relocation.  Why is it necessary?

Although I'm not personally involved in making the plans for this
relocation. I can attest to the fact that it is needed. The section of trail
in question lies just West of landslide overlook, and is part of the Jordan
River Pathway. It is a section which runs right along the bank of landslide
creek, and it is constantly wet and muddy. There are NUMEROUS bare tree
roots and small feeder streams crossing the "trail". I use this term very
loosely, as the actual path through this area is actually every man/woman
for him/herself. There are several old dilapidated puncheons, but none are
in serviceable condition. I'm an experienced backpacker, and I consider this
to be a dangerous section when wet, which it almost always is.

>What is involved in moving the trail?

I believe the plan is to move the trail about 75 yards south, which will put
it slightly up the hillside, and thus out of the mud.

What is the trail like on either side of the relocation?

West of this location the trail is in good shape, and has received quite a
bit of recent attention from the DNR, including new stairs and a couple of
new bridges in the past few years. East of this section, is good trail, then
two-track after the NCT splits from the Jordan River Pathway.

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