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[nct-l] Re: [at-l] Web versions of mailing lists open (ADMIN NOTE)

Thanks, Ryan.  You are so sweet to us.  Hugs--- anklebear

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From: Ryan K. Brooks <ryan@hack.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 6:52 PM
Subject: [at-l] Web versions of mailing lists open (ADMIN NOTE)

> Hello All,
>     The forums-based "web version" of the backcountry.net lists is now
> open.    You can go directly to http://forums.backcountry.net to check
> it out or jump there from the main backcountry.net page.
> I realize that this has been a long time coming, but it turned out to be
> more than trival to connect the mailing lists to the web software and
> vice versa.   Note that many (if not most) of us will continue to use
> the lists via email, but a web version has always been high on the wish
> list for some- so I hope this new site helps.    To get the full value
> out of the web forums (posting there, tracking threads, etc.) you'll
> need to go through  the registration process at the
> http://forums.backcountry.net site- which is indepedent of your mailing
> list subscription.
> Again, for those of us who continue to use the mailing lists, we'll miss
> nothing- and the web folks will see everything that we post as well.
> Hopefully this new method of access will only increase the number of
> logs around our campfire.
> Regards,
> R
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