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I am a member of a group that tries to go to the highest point in every 
county in the U.S (see cohp.org if you are interested).  Today there was a 
trip report for Marquette County, MI.  The highpoint is just off the NCT in 
the McCormick Wilderness west of Marquette City.  Below is the trip report.  
The earlier trip reports mentioned in the first sentence can be found on 


Marquette County High Point Trip Report

Date:  October 17, 2001

Author:  Michael Schwartz

Spot elevation in SE 1/4 of SE 1/4   (1932 ft.)

Richard Carey's approach directions and his and Roy Schweiker's hike reports 
were very useful.  At the trailhead, the North Country Trail is marked on a 
forest service map, and I carefully copied the route onto my topo.  This was 
useful only in determining general direction of travel.  The terrain is too 
jumbled to follow the route closely on the topo.  The trail is blazed west 
of the trailhead, but is not blazed to the east, presumably because of the 
wilderness designation of the land you hike through.  It is easy to follow 
for the first half mile or so, but becomes very faint, as reported by 
Richard and Roy, and will be lost several times during the hike.  I did a 
lot of heel
scuffing along the way to mark my passage, and this was very eassuring when 
I would lose the trail and have to backtrack.  The rock clearing before the 
"S" bend is the last useable landmark, and still a long way from the 
highpoint.  I lost the trail completely at the last knob before the 
highpoint knob, but at that point the highpoint is dead ahead and obvious.  
I scrambled up its steep face, but found no register or corner marker.  The 
ridge ran in the right direction and the bump to the east was in the right 
place, lending reassurance that this was the correct knob, plus there is 
really is nothing else of comparable size anywhere in the area.  Looking at 
the terrain, if you
walk about 1 1/2 hours in the generally right direction, you will reach the 
highpoint ridge, as the rivers and swamps on either side of the North County 
Trail will force you to travel toward the highpoint.  Sounds lame, but it 
works.  I left some pink surveyors ribbon in the valley between the 
penultimate knob and the highpoint knob, but I'm sure they will be removed 
by the rangers if they spot them.  Leave plenty of daylight for this one.

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