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[nct-l] New On The List - Hiking PA

I've done some trail work in the McConnell's Mill and Davis Hollow areas. I 
believe they allow hikers to camp on the property surrounding the Davis 
Hollow Cabin. I'm not sure if you need prior permission or not. Sorry I 
don't have any maps of the area, so don't know about mileage of the section 
you are asking about. If you like the area, check out American Hiking 
Societies Volunteer Vacations. There are several scheduled for this area in 
the coming year. I plan to return on the May trip. In the mean time you may 
want to contact Bob Tait:  bob_Tait@nauticom.net

He is the man to see regarding the NCT in that area.

Hope this helps some, have fun.

At 09:47 PM 11/6/2001, you wrote:
>I was thinking about hiking the section of the NCT in western PA from south
>of McConnell's Mill to Route 8 at the Old Stone House.  Has anyone done this
>section over a weekend?  My main questions involves where to camp.  Both
>McConnell's Mill and Moraine State Park prohibit overnight camping.  What is
>the solution?  I know that there is a private campground off the trail along
>Rt. 422.  Is this a feasible option?
>Thanks in advance,
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