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[nct-l] (Guest Post) America's National Scenic Trails book available

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Hi, wanted to be sure you knew that the national scenic trails book with an entire chapter on the North Country is available from the University of Oklahoma Press (1-800-627-7377)  Its hitting the shelves this month.  

America's National Scenic Trails
By Kathleen Ann Cordes  Foreword by Steven Elkinton (National Park Service)

384 pages, 87 color photographs,9 maps,5x8 .
ISBN: 0-8061-3296-5 Paper $19.95  May 2001
 University of Oklahoma Press 1-800-627-7377
     Mountains and meadows, waterfalls, glaciers, and streams, and intimate observations of wildlife reward travelers on America's eight Congressionally designated National Scenic Trails.
     America's National Scenic Trails, the first guide dedicated to providing vivid descriptions of the eight national scenic trails, has background and helpful touring information, points of interest for each trail, and informative trail maps. Eighty-seven color photographs depict the attractions, geography, flora, and fauna found along the trails.  The trials and tribulations of the men and women who dreamed of these trails and struggled to put them on the ground are included.  With descriptions of hundreds of one-day excursions, as well as advice and overviews for the seasoned hiker, this book invites adventures and discoveries along America's enchanting and magnificent National Scenic Trails.

In these pages, readers will explore:
 Appalachian National Scenic Trail (GA, TN, NC, VA, WV, MD, PA, NJ, NY,  CT, MA, VT, NH, ME)
 Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (NM, CO, WY, ID, MT)
 Florida National Scenic Trail (FL)
 Ice Age National Scenic Trail (WI) 
 Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail (MS, AL, TN)
 North Country National Scenic Trail (NY, PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, ND)
 Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (CA, OR, WA) 
 Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (VA, MD, PA, DC)

Kathleen Ann Cordes, Executive Director of the American Association for Leisure and Recreation, resides in San Diego, California. She is the author of America's National Historic Trails (University of Oklahoma Press).    Jane Lammers is a professional photographer. Steven Elkinton is Program Leader for National Trails System Programming, National Park Service.  All three of them love trails and the outdoors.

America's National Scenic Trails is available in time for summer, National Trails Day, June 2; and Fathers Day, June 17.