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[nct-l] taking the blue blaze off the recipe thread...

>I've tried to refrain from entering this discussion, but recently have
>been unable to resist the urge to comment.

Me too.  It's been easy to restrain since I set my filters to trash the
recipes, but now I get all the whiney e-mails.  Ripple effect!  The energy
spent on complaints might be better directed towards figuring out the finer
features of one's e-mail software.

And no offense about the recipes, but lentils and rice work fine for me.

Now, onto something else...

Anyone know of any organized trail building efforts going on along the NCT
this summer.  I might have some availability and would like to get my hands
dirty on the NCT rather than going east to the AT.  I'd even welcome the
opportunity to join a club for a local project if it is more than just
routine maintenance.  I'm most interested in new tread construction.