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You should do this off-line. And not post my private answers back on line!
So- here is a response on-line-- keep the next off line please.

List masters- I object to the serious quantity of posts this person
is making on the same topic. She had posted over 4 receipes plus
addendums and "oops"-- that is infantile and rude.  This is not
a cooking list.

One - two receipes a month I do not mind.


Rich Calliger


There are more receipes here they any human needs...if we want that
many, several references are available listing good quality trail

In over 5000 miles of hiking including 2 thru hikes I found no need
to pick receipes off any list. And still need none. She is force-feeding
us- pun intended :-)

Here are my answers to her comments below:

At 10:12 AM -0800 6/19/01, Linda wrote:
>Hi Rich,
>1) I am posting on other sites (see listing)

You dont have to!

>2) Red & Ryan are starting up a database for recipes & such. It's in the

So what? Send them the reciepes and let them put it into a DB and
then anyone can access that if they want too. THAT is more logical/

>3) Others WANT me to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah-- maybe 4 or 5-- I bet I could find more that DONT WANT 10 receipes
every week!

>4) Use your <delete> key! :0

Uncalled for... so I have got five banana receipes-- which makes you RUDE!
and me have to delete a LOT...why should you send so many in the first
place? Uncalled for.

>5) A book?!!? I'll think about it. ;)

really!? then stop posting here unless you go on a hike and have something
to contribute besides wheat and chaf!

>6) Profile? ugh! Does it exist? Where is it? Is it important? It's not
>important to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>7) Pic? No digital camera yet. Keeps you wondering!!!!!!!!!!! :0 LOL

Ditto. U could scan it in for .50 BTW.

>8) There's some readers who are on just 1 list!

So what! You offend the greatest number this way!!

>9) I have as much right as anyone to post something that is trail-related &
>significant. (If you're not "fueled" right, you're not going to make it. I'm
>talking longevity - for the rest of your life, too!)

BS- you post too much of the same stuff!! Your guidelines are not
my..If I want a food consultant I can hire one, get a book or search
the LOC...I dont need or want your receipes on line here-- esp so many!

>10) Seriously, Give me a break! This is getting old. And, it's infantile,

Your posts are. Stop them -- and apparently you have offended
others also. And there is no need to get personal and insult me.

>not to mention rude & obnoxious. So_o, if you don't like it /don't want it,
>drop Ryan a line.

You are the source of all that you mention.

I have every right to post my opinion as well-- you have NO RIGHT TO FLOOD
the system with receipes and insult me.

>11) DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0
>Thanks, Rich.
>P. S.  I'm sorry. I don't enjoy talking to anyone like that. I've tried to
>please as many people as possible.

Who are you to try to please people? The Goddess of cookery? Excuse me!!!
Please stop posting receipes! (so many- you are insulting to keep
it going everyday).

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "R.J.Calliger" <calliger@infolane.com>
>To: <gothicgirl69_us@yahoo.com>
>Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 10:40 AM
>Subject: Re: [cdt-l] Recipes -2 (Bananas Flambe & Fried/Baked Bananas)
>How many more times am I going to get this...WHAT ABOUT
>the web site suggestion I made?
>Or if you are so insistent on clogging my email with multiple
>receipes you can consider to write a book perhaps <g>.
>AND you do not even list cooking as an interest in your profile...
>how come you dont have a pic either???? <BIG SMILE>
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