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[nct-l] RE: [pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #169 - 11 msgs

Along these same lines, I have a suggestion for those of us who do not
like Linda's recipe posts.  You can make an automated filter/rule to
delete anything from "gothicgirl69_us@yahoo.com".

Another option would be for Linda to put a prefix of "RECIPE:" in the
subject of her recipes to allow subject filtering.  The offendees could
automatically delete messages with "RECIPE:" in the subject.  This could
then be a general guideline for anyone posting recipes, not just Linda.
Then anyone offended by recipes would not get them.  

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I enjoy, for the most part, the many topics that appear on this list
from recipes
to blister mending, etc.  If you rubber stamp every topic that doesn't
a certain few, what will you have left?  If someone's willing to go to
the trouble
to share trail-related information with the rest of us, I appreciate
their efforts.
 I just use the delete key through the topics that don't interest me.
I agree with the topic or quantity of posts is secondary to a person's
to post trail-related information.  We have to endure other people's
many posts
about topics that are near and dear to their hearts and maybe not
someone elses.
 This is a great list and I've picked up a lot of great information

Kathy :-)