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[nct-l] Re: [cdt-l] Thank you!


Please do not post so many-- 1 per week is fine.  There were so many
more receipies it outweighed all other posts at times. And do they have
to be posted to ALL the lists (see below!) ? Some of us then get the
same receipe 6 times!! That is way beyond normal expectation!! For
any message!

Since it is an issue, I think you know you have posted too many!!!
I like to eat just as much as the next person...but this is not
a cooking list-- so please do so in moderation if you choose to
post again. And then the addendums and corrections add up
to a lot of receipe threads we do not need or want!

I have a constructive suggestion:  Post all your receipes on your web
site and just tell us occasionally when there are new ones. If you do
not have a web site, there are a lot of $8.95 per month sites and some
free ones you can find with Google or Excite.

THAT would be the best solution as we do not want to turn the xCT,xDT etc lists
into a cook book list!

Thank you.

RJ Calliger

At 3:23 PM -0800 6/18/01, Linda wrote:
>BlankTo all readers:
>I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for your support &
>Also, thank you, for the ideas & suggestions for possible posting
>alternatives, with invitations to post on web sites. Thank you for that
>opportunity as well. It is greatly appreciated!
>The "situation" between the gentleman & I, has been resolved!  : 0  Yea!
>In fact, a moderator from 1 of the lists even encouraged me to post on his
>list. (Thank you!!!) Nothing from the other list moderators, negative or
>positive. (Thank you.)
>This is what I found from reading my email & searching diligently thru
>each digest for any response, positive AND negative:
>1) There are a few who don't care one way or another. :)  //  :(
>2) There are a few who do NOT want to see any recipes @ all. ;(
>3) There are a few that the digest/listing is their only access & want
>more recipes.  : )
>4) There are a great many readers who want more recipes & receive > 1
>digest. :0
>Present status of "plan":
>1) PCTHiker.com (Beautiful site! Easy to navigate, & attractive to the
>eye). I will post there.
>2) Backpacker.com (Great site, too!) I've posted there.
>3) Jack is already posting my recipes (vegetarian/vegan) @ his site
>4) hikethewild was posting. Status?
>5) Da Redhead has extended me an invitation to post wherever. I'm not
>sure. Please help me Da Redhead!
>Groups: 1 (w/o a hitch), 2, & 4 - are all taken care of!!!
>My concern or worry/problem is group # 3. If their only access is to this
>digest listing via email, & they want the recipes, where can they obtain
>How does the "plan" sound to you all?
>Any ideas or solutions re: group 3 ?!!?
>I want all to benefit & to be happy.
>Thank you.
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