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[nct-l] Thank you!

BlankTo all readers:
I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for your support =
& encouragement!=20
Also, thank you, for the ideas & suggestions for possible posting =
alternatives, with invitations to post on web sites. Thank you for that =
opportunity as well. It is greatly appreciated!
The "situation" between the gentleman & I, has been resolved!  : 0  Yea!
In fact, a moderator from 1 of the lists even encouraged me to post on =
his list. (Thank you!!!) Nothing from the other list moderators, =
negative or positive. (Thank you.)

This is what I found from reading my email & searching diligently thru =
each digest for any response, positive AND negative:
1) There are a few who don't care one way or another. :)  //  :(
2) There are a few who do NOT want to see any recipes @ all. ;(
3) There are a few that the digest/listing is their only access & want =
more recipes.  : )
4) There are a great many readers who want more recipes & receive > 1 =
digest. :0

Present status of "plan":
1) PCTHiker.com (Beautiful site! Easy to navigate, & attractive to the =
eye). I will post there.
2) Backpacker.com (Great site, too!) I've posted there.
3) Jack is already posting my recipes (vegetarian/vegan) @ his site =
4) hikethewild was posting. Status?
5) Da Redhead has extended me an invitation to post wherever. I'm not =
sure. Please help me Da Redhead!

Groups: 1 (w/o a hitch), 2, & 4 - are all taken care of!!!
My concern or worry/problem is group # 3. If their only access is to =
this digest listing via email, & they want the recipes, where can they =
obtain access?
How does the "plan" sound to you all?
Any ideas or solutions re: group 3 ?!!?
I want all to benefit & to be happy.
Thank you.

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