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[nct-l] Instant Oatmeal Mixes

A reader from one of the digests asked me if I had any ideas on how to =
jazz up their oatmeal.
Here it is:
This compilation of "Instant Oatmeal Mixes: Oatmeal, again?" arose from =
purely selfish reasons. Being an avid backpacker/camper & the mother of =
2 young girls, working 2 jobs, & going full-time to nursing school (how =
did I do it ?!!), I needed something low cost, quick, easy, traveled =
well, & lightweight; yet, was tasty, nutritious, interesting, & =
adaptable. Viola! It was no longer, "Oatmeal, again?"

So make your own homemade flavored instant oatmeal mixes for low cost,=20
additive-free alternatives to the pricey, chemical-laden prepared mixes =
in the grocery store. Also, it allows you to create, individualize, & =
vary the packets according to your likes. Try the flavor variations =
offered here or make up your own favorites, & share your ideas &/or =
recipe(s) with me.

Plain Instant Oatmeal
Yields: 8 servings

@ Home:
3 cups quick-cooking oats: Blend 1 c of the oats in a food processor =
until powdery (if using a blender, blend 1/2 c @ a time). Leave the =
other 2 c as is.
You will need 8 plastic sandwich bags.
Optional flavor ingredients (below)

Into each sandwich bag: 1/4 c unpowdered oats, 2 TBSP powdered oats, and =
a scant 1/4 tsp salt. Store in a box or airtight container.=20

@ Camp: Empty packet into a bowl/cup. Add 3/4 c boiling water; stir and =
let stand for 2 minutes. For thicker oatmeal, use less water; for =
thinner, use more water.
Note: For a creamier oatmeal: Mix the bag with 3/4 c cold water; let =
stand 1 - 2 min; then cook to heat thru (or eat as is).

Sweetened Oatmeal
To each packet, add 1-2 tsp sugar.

Creamy Oatmeal
To each packet, add 1 TBSP powdered dry milk.

Creamy & Sweetened Oatmeal
To each packet, add 1-2 tsp sugar & 1 TBSP powdered dry milk.

Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal
To each packet, add 1-2 tsp sugar, dash or 2 of cinnamon, and 2 TBSP =
chopped dried apples.=20

Cinnamon-Spice Oatmeal
To each packet, add 1-2 tsp sugar, 2 dashes of cinnamon, and a dash of =

Oatmeal with Raisins & Brown Sugar
To each packet, add 1 tsp packed brown sugar and 1 TBSP raisins.

Wheat Germ Oatmeal
To each packet, add 2 tsp wheat germ.

Fruit & Cream
To each packet, add 1 TBSP powdered dry milk and 2 TBSP chopped dried =

(In addition to the above) To flavor, sweeten, & fortify bland oatmeal, =
Extracts: (1/8-1/4 tsp of 1 ext.) vanilla, almond, rum, etc; cloves, =
allspice, mace (very strong spices; use as a 'dash of'); instant coffee, =
brown sugar, date sugar or dates, molasses, honey, syrups, dehydrated =
fruit compote or fruit medley, rehydrated; crushed candies, Red Hot =
candies (cinnamony); chocolate, butterscotch, or peanut butter chips; =
mini marshmallows, any dried fruits (or a combo of any), instant drink =
mixes/crystals/powders, instant cocoa (mixes), malted milk powder, =
jams/jellies, yogurt (plain/flavored), flavored gelatins, pudding mixes, =
seeds &/or nuts, fruit leathers, peanut butter (or other nut butter), =
margarine (or Butter Buds), BacoBits, (meat) jerky bits, tofu "bacon", =
tofu jerky, bits of mincemeat or pemmican, dried &/or candied =
orange/lemon peel, Nutella, or anything from your gorp bag, etc, etc.

Try combining other quick-cooking cereals (cream of wheat/rice/barley, =
Malt-O-Meal, etc) or dry cereals (granolas, muesli, Bran Buds, All-Bran, =
etc) to the oatmeal packets.

*For an even creamier oatmeal, add 1-2 generous heaping tsp powdered =
creamer (& it improves the taste of the dry milk, when used).
gothicgirl69_us @ yahoo.com

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