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[nct-l] Tofu Jerky

Tofu Jerky

1/2 c Soy sauce=20
3 tb To 4 tb liquid smoke=20
1/8 c Water=20
1 tb Onion powder=20
1 ts Garlic powder or 1 Clove crushed fresh garlic=20
1 tb Fresh ground black pepper=20
1 tb Honey=20
1 lb Firm or extra firm tofu

Drain the tofu. I usually take a 1 lb cube, cut it in half, and then =
slice it into strips on its short side. Strips should be about 4-5 mm in =
thickness. They may look big, but they'll shrink to about half their =

Mix all the marinade ingredients together well. Put the tofu in a single =
layer in a shallow baking pan or cookie sheet and pour the marinade over =
it. Let soak for several hours or overnight.

Drain excess liquid and dry tofu in food dehydrator or warm (170-185 F) =
oven (oven door ajar). Don't want to bake it, want to dry it. This will =
take probably 4-8 hours, depending on weather, but can take up to 24 =

If you dry indoors in the winter, your house gets filled with a =
wonderful smoky smell. If you're drying in the oven, you'll need to flip =
the tofu over hourly so it dries evenly. The stuff is delicious and =
keeps indefinitely. Dry until it's very chewy, but not crispy.

If you live in a sunny, dry climate (Colorado in the summer or the =
desert), you can sun dry it, it'll take all day. Cover with thin layer =
of cheesecloth to keep insects off.

Be creative: Use low-sodium soy if you want less salt (it is rather =
salty) Use Tabasco or ground cayenne if you want it hot. Chili powder =
makes chili jerky. Oregano and basil makes pizza jerky.

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