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[nct-l] Introduction

>I just finished a through hike of the Superior Hiking Trail which is
>part of the NCT, and It was very beautiful.  There was a lot of "green
>tunnel", but the mountainous views more than made up for it.

>I did a resupply through the mail at Schroeder, MN that worked really
>well.  There was a 1.5 mile spur trail that lead right to the Cross
>River Cafe and the post office.  The towns along the North Shore of Lake
>Superior are not large enough or close enough to the trail to be used to
>purchase your supplies along the way.  I think this is true in general
>about the NCT.  The trail culture just hasn't grown to the level that

Pat, I see you've finished the SHT, congrats! I plan to go in Sept. I'm not 
sure yet if I'll just do what I have not done yet or the whole thing. Where 
did you start and finish and did you use the shuttle?
I see by my map that there is a gap near the south end and around 2 Harbors 
So I was thinking of starting near 2H or just north of there on co rd 301 
depending on if that section is done. As I understand the section near  
Cosby-Manitou is done now. Last year We hiked Cascade River to Judge Magney 
SP. I think that is as far as the shuttle goes.
Not sure how the trail is north of there or how to shuttle.
Also I was thinking of using some of the state parks for resupply, (ater 
calling them first) you know just dropping off food at the visitor center 
and picking it up there. Would you see a problem with this?    

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