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[nct-l] Introduction

I have some of the same questions as you.

<SNIP> In looking at all of 
> the National
> Scenic trails I have noticed that the NCT does not seem to get as much
> attention as the three major North-South trails. Why is this 
> trail less
> popular than the CDT, PCT and AT? Why isn't the NCT included 
> in the triple
> crown?

I noticed this also.  Somebody was recently writing about Brian
Anderson's triple crown hike this year, and they referred to "The three
national scenic trails,"  like that is all there are.  Maybe it isn't as
popular because it doesn't have the lore and magic attached to it that
the PCT and AT have.  Also, the trail doesn't have the fancy shelters
that the AT does.  

> Is the NCT endless miles of "green tunnel" in most 
> places and not
> considered scenic enough because there are no mountain views?

I just finished a through hike of the Superior Hiking Trail which is
part of the NCT, and It was very beautiful.  There was a lot of "green
tunnel", but the mountainous views more than made up for it.  
> If hiking a
> long distance is it possible to resupply in towns for the 
> entire trip or is
> it necessary to mail myself drop boxes? How often can I 
> expect to ressupply?

I did a resupply through the mail at Schroeder, MN that worked really
well.  There was a 1.5 mile spur trail that lead right to the Cross
River Cafe and the post office.  The towns along the North Shore of Lake
Superior are not large enough or close enough to the trail to be used to
purchase your supplies along the way.  I think this is true in general
about the NCT.  The trail culture just hasn't grown to the level that it
is on the AT/PCT where businesses are actually built around the hiker
community.  It just wasn't feasible to just hop on and off the trail
like I read so much about on the AT-L list.

> P.S. How active is this list? 

Not very active.  I get one or two e-mails a week at most.