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[nct-l] Introduction

First of all go to


That site will answer many of your questions. Then join the NCTA. You
can purchase books, maps etc. right from the site.

The reason that it is not one of the big three is because the trail is
still a work in process. Only about half of the trail is on the ground
and marked. You cannot just start at one end and hike to the other
without doing some road walking. Look at the section you plan to hike to
see how much of the trail is complete in the area you want to hike. Note
that several people have thru hiked the trail but it involved quite a
bit of route finding and road walking.

Resupply points vary greatly depending on the area you are in. You would
have to do some searching on your own to find mail drop points. It can
be done but it is not like the AT with hundreds of people hiking it
every year.

PS: this list is not very active. I would certainly like to see more


"Robert E. Maly" wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am a soon to be college graduate and I am fairly new to long distance
> hiking (usually my trips are about one week). Beginning in the summer/fall
> of 2002 I would like to begin a long distance hike of the North Country
> Trail beginning in ND and hiking to MI. The NCT appeals to me because I
> love the northwoods and their solitude. Also, being from Wisconsin will
> make it a lot easier for my wife to visit me while on the trail.
> I have a few questions for some of you. In looking at all of the National
> Scenic trails I have noticed that the NCT does not seem to get as much
> attention as the three major North-South trails. Why is this trail less
> popular than the CDT, PCT and AT? Why isn't the NCT included in the triple
> crown? Is the NCT endless miles of "green tunnel" in most places and not
> considered scenic enough because there are no mountain views? If hiking a
> long distance is it possible to resupply in towns for the entire trip or is
> it necessary to mail myself drop boxes? How often can I expect to ressupply?
> Thank you in advance for you responses,
> Robert Maly
> P.S. How active is this list?
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