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[nct-l] trail construction

>I don't know the name of the book, but as I recall, it was a pretty
>self-evident title.

I found it and ordered it.  Perhaps I'll post a review once I read it (if
it ever gets here...).

The book "Appalachian Trail Design, Construction, and Maintenance" is
alright.  I think a little of their technique is  some what dated.  For
example, they still promote log water bars--which I found interesting given
the abundant supply of rocks in the region.  The book also has quite a bit
of text in the beginning about being a team player, but it's just enough to
be patronizing and not enough to really learn anything.

The mapping and planning section is good, and there is a lot of good
background behind why trail builders do what they do.  It's also written
for the lay person.

I'd say in the absence of other materials, it's a good manual.  Yet the VOC
notebook is far superior in its succinctness and technical clarity.

I have yet to find any manuals that deal with two problems we encounter
with great frequency in Michigan, flat trail (with little or no options for
anything else) and sandy trail with little mineral soil.