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[nct-l] trail construction

Too kind!  I already received a copy from Ed Benson.  It's my sole
maintaining guide at this point (Seems like if you have just one, this is
the one to get!).  Ed did a great job with a training for NCTA folks in PA
this past April.


>I am a trail maintainer and crew leader as well as a staff member at
>Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.  Our organization puts out a manual on
>leading trail crews and the basics of trail construction.  It is widely
>used here in Colorado by the Colorado Trail Foundation, Continental Divide
>Trail Association, and the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative.  For for
>information or to order the manual you can go to the web site www.voc.org
>or feel free to contact me personally at: (303) 715-1010 or
>Cory Lampert
>"Cross Country" AT '99
>Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado Staff
>nct-l@mailman.backcountry.net wrote:
>> I found that the AT trail-building guide is the best available.  While
>> directed in particular at the AT, it is widely applicable.  The AMC one is
>> also pretty good.
>> I also read a guide put out by an English trail group.  It was interesting
>> to read long passages on how to get through peat bogs.
>> Ryan
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>> >Subject: [nct-l] trail construction
>> >Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 19:41:16 -0400
>> >
>> >I need some help from my fellow hikers and trail builders.
>> >
>> >I'm looking for some information, either on the internet or print, about
>> >trail construction and maintenance.  I've spent some time searching (via
>> >google), and haven't found anything inspiring.
>> >
>> >Does anyone have some good links on trail construction?  And what are your
>> >favorite print materials?  Any ideas on good sources for infomration or
>> >literature?
>> >
>> >I may possibly be compiling the results of what I find on either my
>> >personal or the WMI-NCTA website.  If and when I do, I will let you all
>> >know.
>> >
>> >Siler
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