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[nct-l] backpacker intolerance

Almost none of the responses to this tiresome issue have been from nct-l 
members.  Most are from PCT-L listers who replied to cross-posted messages.  
I have already given the cross-posters from nct-l a short lesson in 
netiquette.  In the mean time, if we just ignore it, it'll go away soon 

Ryan Bowles
nct-l moderator
>It would appear that whining and a lack of consideration for others  is
>an aspect of communication among backpackers.  This is something that I
>personally don't enjoy, and is the reason why I left the Great Lakes
>Hikes list.  It appears that this mentality is either more widespread
>among backpackers than I thought, or the malcontents from that list have
>moved to this list.  At any rate, their whining is not very enjoyable, so
>since those in charge of these lists don't know how to silence these
>complainers, I'm going to remove myself from this list, also.  I hope
>someday I can find a list of hikers who have learned how to benefit from
>those who are different that they are.
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