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[nct-l] Re: [pct-l] Linda Exposed NOT!

RJ Calliger has just claimed that his copying of the recipe "was used with
permission of the author which I included at the bottom of the post."  I just
went back and checked the original message where he copied the recipe and there
is no such permission at the bottom of the post. IANAL, however it seems to me
he would need the permission of the web site operator, not the author, to copy
anything copyrighted from that site as the site owns the rights to what is own
the site.

RJ also just wrote: "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MY SUGGESSTION [sic] of her
putting her
receipes [sic]- copied or copyright violated on her OWN WEB site..then do a
pointer for us to that."
First RJ, you don't need to shout (caps). It is rude!
Why don't you start your own list / site and run it by your rules and leave us
in peace.
What is wrong with everybody else's suggestion that you simply use your delete
key and shut up?
Or else simply unsubscribe from these lists with all the posts that offend you?


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