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[nct-l] Re: [pct-l] Linda Exposed NOT!

This is pathetic. The guy was doing a service to the list by trying to keep
it on track and he is getting attacked.

To me, someone posting off-topic material (or questionable OT stuff
repeatedly) is like someone coming into a an elevator and farting. Maybe the
farter doesn't know it's wrong or they can't help themselves.  But,
nevertheless it is unpleasant for most people in the elevator even if they
don't complain.

What the original person was doing was stating some basic rules of

my two cents...

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> Having a little spare time today to play around, I decided to
> investigate (a little) R. J. Calliger's "expose" of Linda, the recipe
> poster, and her recipe for Tamale Boats. BTY, IANAL.
> I tried all three URL's that RJ posted, the first and third took me to
> the same recipe on the  camping.about.com  web site. The second URL was
> invalid.
> I tried a search on Yahoo for "tamale boats" and I got 4 hits.  Two were
> the same as the first and third that Rich posted. Another was to a page
> where the author was complaining about service in a fast food joint and
> someone else ordering a lot of tamale boats. The fourth was to the Black
> Diamond Brewing Company's (located in Walnut Creek, CA) web site listing
> chicken tamale boats as a menu item; this was the *correct* version of
> the second URL that RJ said had been disconnected for copyright
> infringement;  there was no indication that this site had ever been
> closed for any copyright infringement.
> It seems tamale boats are a rather wide spread if not well know dish. I
> didn't find any reference to the origins of the dish. Thus it seems to
> me, that the basic recipe and dish is an old one and not copyrighted or
> else in the public domain. RJ's intact copying of the original recipe
> from the camping site is likely a copyright infringement of whatever
> rights the camping site has. Linda's recipe may be derived from the one
> on the camping site, maybe not. However at least hers is not an exact
> copy and may be considered a derivative work with her (or the real
> author) having some copyrights to that recipe.
> Thus at most, the 'evidence' RJ gave slightly suggests a source from
> which Linda might have copied; there is more likelihood that Linda is
> simply giving her version of a basic recipe which is NOT copyrighted.
> Also RJ has obviously infringed whatever copyrights the camping site has
> to the recipe he copied.
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