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[nct-l] list notes (admin)

A few updates since the list software cutover:

    - As of this message, I've reinstalled the MIME filter on the
lists.    Unfortunately, it appears we will have to stick with
plaintext.   When I tested this new capability, before the new list
software was in use, it seemed doable, but there's just too great a
variety of mail clients out there.   The upside is that everything will
be very clean again, including the digests, and we gain that automatic
"too many quoted lines" truncation feature back.

    - Folks have asked about reducing the number of headers in the
message,   I may modify the code to do this... looking in to it.

    - Regarding the web cutover,  I made another error here (actually
two), and am still working on this.   I would say that 90% of the
"normal" accounts are ftp accessable again*.

    - If you've sent me some other suggestion during this time of flux,
please know that I'm looking at all your emails and will at least _try_
to do everything the list population recommends.

    - Lastly, if any list wants to change the default reply-to behavior
(back to the list, or back to the sender only), let your list admin



*- A few folks asked what all this babbling is about; FTP/web
space/etc.    Basically, I offer web space on the server here for folks
with outdoor/hiking/etc. related non-commercial sites, and those people
have had their web access moved along with the list software.