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[nct-l] (Guest Post) new hiking website

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* by our guest Karen Berger <Kberger466@aol.com>.
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Hi everyone -- I just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY have a brand new website up and (it appears) running. It's just about all hiking related -- lots of info on my books and magazine work -- but there is also a bunch of info designed to be a resource for hikers. 


There's a page with some FAQs and a "question of the week." I've invited people to ask questions and e-mail their answers to questions as I post them. There will also be a page of info about good outdoor books -- I'm soliciting people's input and opinions for that page, as well. And there's some info specially for women hikers. 
In the next few weeks, I'll also add links to dozens of my on-line articles on everything from the AT to hiking in New Zealand. 

If anyone has feedback, I'd love to hear it. The page isn't finished yet, but I hope you have some fun with it. 

Happy holidays to everyone!

Karen Berger