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[nct-l] Introduction

> Pat, I see you've finished the SHT, congrats! I plan to go in 
> Sept. I'm not 
> sure yet if I'll just do what I have not done yet or the 
> whole thing. 

I have to confess that I "almost" did the whole thing.  I had to skip
Split Rock to Tettegouche to recover from the first day.  I plan to go
back and finish that 27 miles on some weekend.

> Where 
> did you start and finish and did you use the shuttle?
> I see by my map that there is a gap near the south end and 
> around 2 Harbors 
> So I was thinking of starting near 2H or just north of there 
> on co rd 301 
> depending on if that section is done.

The section from Flood Bay to Lake County 301 is not complete.  I just
drove up on the night before the first day and hiked west to camp at
Silver Creek.  It is not a very nice camp, by the way.  All of the other
camps were nice, but this one had no level spots to pitch a tent.  I
hiked 25 miles the next day to Split Rock and ran into a storm.  Since I
hadn't properly trained, I was forced to take a zero day off to rest.  I
caught a ride back to my car from a couple of other hikers who were
bailing out from the rain.

I started out again on 7/23 from Tettegouche.  Here are the sections.

7/21 Silver Creek to Split Rock
7/22 *** Day Off *** - Split Rock to Tettegouche
7/23 Tettegouche to Lake Egge
7/24 Lake Egge to Dyer's Creek
7/25 Dyer's Creek to Onion River
7/26 Onion River to Indian Camp Creek
7/27 Indian Camp Creek to Devil Track River
7/28 Devil Track River to CR Magney 
7/29 CR Magney to Arrowhead Trail - I had my wife shuttle me around this
road section.  I hate road hiking.
7/29 Arrowhead Trail to Swamp River

I did well after my day off.  My feet and lower legs are recovering now
from minor blisters and swelling.  The swelling is almost all the way
down.  I think my boots may have been too heavy.  They are three pound

I did not do the shuttle, but I was tempted to if my wife hadn't made it
to CR Magney to shuttle me.  She almost didn't get there due to
confusion on the DNR web site that gives you directions to Crosby
Manitou when you are looking at the map for CR Magney.

I skipped the dead end's that you refer to at the gaps at Silver Creek
and CR Magney since I don't like backtracking. The map at CR Magney
looks like you can walk from the end of the SHT to the road, but the
guide book warned against it.  As a result, I skipped the east side of
the Brule River.

I only had one resupply point, and I am glad, because I have found it
hard to get back on the trail once I get off.  I followed my Coke
craving several times to no avail and only added miles in the process.

> As I understand the 
> section near  
> Cosby-Manitou is done now.

The trail from Section 13 to Manitou is finished, but they are still
putting the finishing touches on it.  They were working on the board
walk to the island at Sonju Lake when I went through there.  

> Last year We hiked Cascade River 
> to Judge Magney 
> SP. I think that is as far as the shuttle goes.
> Not sure how the trail is north of there or how to shuttle.

I think you can call ahead and get them to go to the end, but don't
quote me on it.  The shuttle only goes to Cascade on a schedule because
the trail is best up until that point.

> Also I was thinking of using some of the state parks for 
> resupply, (ater 
> calling them first) you know just dropping off food at the 
> visitor center 
> and picking it up there. Would you see a problem with this?    

I don't know if the State Parks will do this or not, but it is worth a
try.  Let me know how you do.

> Thanks....Duane
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