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Re: [iat-l] Hello out there---

Greetings on what is for us a lovely afternoon.

I have been looking into the North Country Trail--on my back from GA. 
Everything at Ft. Abercrombie (where the trail is to enter ND, is closed
and no one knows anything.  From there there is suposedly 25 miles of
established marked trail.  The western terminus is about 60 miles south
of us.  No matter. Almost everything is under water(or ice) at the
present time, but I'm looking forward to the spring.

Today I purchased a 91 Explorer in the hopes I can explore more of ND,
but nothing beats two feet--even with blisters.

And I believe we must be the only ones here.

Let me know as your plans develop.
I'm beginning to get excited about trails again.  The back is at least
allowing me to sleep at night.  Now some walking--mall style for now.

Take care Howard
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