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Re: [iat-l] Hello out there---

Hi Ryan,
The count is up to two of us.

You will, from time to time, have your brain picked by me--I still want
to finish the AT.

I had to leave the trail as of

I had a bad back problem before I left that I was trying to ignore--bad
idea.  By the third day (25.3 miles from Springer) I had to wake up to
reality--I was loosing the use of my left leg.  I returned to Minot,ND
where the doctor (who has section hiked much of the AT, parts of the PCT
and other trails) is treating me agressively with meds and rest.  I
don't know if I'll make it back to the AT this year (spent all my money
on transportation and mail-drops), but I will be hiking the 12 trails in
ND--one, the Maah Daah Hey, is 120 miles in the Badlands. I've begun
enjoying the lack of water, thunder storms, rattlers, and rutting bison.

If I plan anything big this year, it will be the Ice Age Trail.  Much to
my wifes horror, I'm using the IAT logo as "wall paper."

Your right about the mountains in Ill.  North of Minot, we used to have
a sign that read "mountain removal project completed." I think the CofC
had sign removed.

Now, for ND hiking I have to wait for the mud to dry--after the sea of
snow-melt is gone.

Keep in touch.
Turtle "a.k.a. Howard Lyons"
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