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[iat-l] Need Input for The National Scenic Trails Cookbook!


We are collecting trail recipes and food-related tips from those 
who've hiked the National Scenic Trails for a forthcoming book titled 
"The National Scenic Trails Cookbook". By tapping into the great ideas 
of other hikers, we hope that the book will provide many wonderful 
food experiences for all trail users.

From our experience, we've found that those who've avidly hiked the 
NST's know how to cook in the backcountry. And it's those hikers we're 
hoping will contribute their recipes and ideas to make the book a 
reality. We've already collected over one hundred good recipes from 
hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail. We're now looking for input from 
those who've walked any of the other seven National Scenic Trails.

Our book will contain side-note info and top-level maps of the eight 
National Scenic Trails, as well as info for contacting the major trail 
associations. In fact, we plan on donating a significant portion of 
our proceeds to the associations that actively preserve and protect 
these trails.

For convenience, we've built a web page for hikers to submit their 
recipes. The URL is: http://users.tminet.com/conners/cookbook.html. 
Please stop by and take a look, submit a recipe, or just let us know 
what you think.

If you have a web site and would like to link to ours, we would, of 
course, be very grateful! We would be happy to return the favor with a 
link to your site.

We hope you'll consider helping us create a brand new resource for 
trail users!

Thanks so much,

Christine and Tim Conners
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