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[iat-l] Ice Age Trail

Howdy Trail Hikers !!

	I was looking for info on plantar fascitis when I stumbled across this
Ice Age Trail List.  I live in Appleton, Wisconsin and have done a small
amount of exploring of the East Branch of the IAT (I recently noticed
that another loop runs from Portage, Wi up towards Waupaca.)

	Last year I set up a Cub Scout tour with Herman Bender (a professional
geologist/historian from Fond du Lac -- (920) 922-7182), who took us to
a number of sites South & East of Lake Winnebago that showed signs of
effigy mounds and/or OLD Native American medicine wheels.  Mr. Bender
has helped form a society which will host an international symposium on
Rock Art next year and believes that the OLDEST verified North American
Sun Calendars are from this area.  The sites he took us to were
predominantly on high points of an old trail system used by some of this
areas first inhabitants -- going back 10,000+ years in some sites.

	Some of his written material pointed out the Henschel Museum ((920)
876-3193), where a family living East of Lake Winnebago since 1849 has
opened some of their finds to the public.

	I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has found some areas
with particularly good camping, fishing or hiking, as well as any other
individuals or groups that are documenting some of this areas Native
American or Ice Age Trail history.

			Thank you,

			Dale Peterson


                                                       Thank you, 

                                                       Dale Peterson


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