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Re: [ft-l] Fwd: The latest on Dan Smith

I'm sure we will all be really interested in what Dan (and other experienced
long-distance hikers) has to say about the FT.

I was thinking this past week while inventorying FNST through the Juniper
Wilderness (you have lots of little moments to think while conducting trail
inventory) that one of the main things that the Florida Trail has going for
it is the wide diversity of biological habitats it passes through.  From
sawgrass marshes to cypress swamps to wet prairies to pine flatwoods to titi
forests to planted pines to mixed hardwoods to recent burn offs to the
bluffs along the Suwannee to the old Jacksonville-St.Augustine Road.

I'd sure like to get the message about this great diversity out to more of
the hiking community.  In an e-conversation with an AT thru-hiker last
Sunday she said that she would never consider leaving her "eastern forests"
to hike in Florida.  From my conversations with hikers who have not hiked in
Florida they tend to view the FT as swamps strung together with road walks.
We need to get the word out that the FT has a lot more to offer than that.

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* From the Florida Trail Mailing List | http://www.backcountry.net *