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Re: [ft-l] Dan Smith

The trail was wet, but we found a dry place to sleep each night.  We had no 
problems with getting water, we just had to bend down and scoop it up.  I 
hiked the section from Oasis to I-75 with Dan Smith and two other new 
members, John Lanier-Fort Myers and John Hanlon-Sarasota. They were supported 
by another hiker from Atlanta, Don Sutherland.  All have hiked the AT where 
they all met Dan Smith.  Section 1 and 2 was their first experience of 
Florida hiking and they hope to continue and finish the rest.  Dan Smith is 
probably in Avon Park and coming out on SR 60 tomorrow.  It was a unique 
experience even for me. Swoosh, Swoosh...

Anyone interested in meeting Dan along the trail?  Drop me a line and I'll 
let you know where he'll be.  He is interested in talking with people 
responsible for making the trail what it is as well as those who just enjoy 
walking on it.

 Kevin Butler
 VP Public Relations
 Florida Trail Association
 954-356-4328 - day
 954-566-0617 - night
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